Google Stadia gets a shot in the arm with the announcement of FIFA, Madden and PUBG

Google Stadia really does need a little bit of help if it’s going to grow into a genuine gaming platform that people take seriously. Today’s Google Connect stream has definitely provided a step in the right direction, with the announcement of support from EA, confirming the forthcoming arrival of five games from the publisher including FIFA, Madden and Star Wars: Fallen Order to the streaming service, alongside more crucial titles including battle royale stalwart PUBG.

PUBG is in fact available to play right now, for free, which is a nice little bonus, and features cross play so you can hop in with other players on different, non-streaming, consoles.


Alongside support from EA, the Connect stream gave us a good look at where Stadia currently is, and the types of experiences you can find there, including the incredible Doom Eternal. The arrival today of Octopath Traveler from Square Enix is a great addition to the platform, especially as it’s not the kind of thing to be affected by latency.

There was also a strong showing on the indie front, with sequel Rock of Ages 3 appearing this June, as well as cool-looking co-operative creation game Crayta, jet boat racer Wave Break, fire fighting game Embr and multiplayer mover Get Packed. All of these games are set to arrive first on Google Stadia, adding a few strings to their bow, even if none of them look as though they’ll be system sellers on their own.

Google Stadia is Google’s gaming platform, and you can play it instantly on phones, laptops, tablets and on TV via Google Chromecast. It’s big advantage is that there are no downloads, no installs, and if your internet is strong enough you can play in up to 4K, though the number of games that truly support that is still pretty limited. Still, it’s well worth checking out right now, as there are two free months of Stadia Pro available to everybody. If you don’t fancy a subscription the free tier will carry on after that, allowing you to play any games you might have bought on the system.

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