Stadia Pro games for May include Zombie Army 4 and The Turing Test

It’s actually been a pretty good month for the Google Stadia. With the final appearance of the free tier giving new players plenty of opportunity to check out the streaming service, and in fact everyone having been gifted free access to Stadia Pro for the next couple of months, there’s even more reason to check out the games that are being added to the Pro subscription for May, and there’s a couple of doozies in there.

The games being added to Stadia Pro for May are Zombie Army 4: Dead War, The Turing test, and Steamworld Heist.


We gave Zombie Army 4: Dead War a resounding 8/10, with our own Stefan L saying “If you like shooting zombies with friends, then Zombie Army 4: Dead War is the game for you. There’s a few new twists and several layers of progression now thrown into the mix, as you battle undead Nazis once again, but this is classic undead sniping action through and through.”

We didn’t actually review SteamWorld Heist, but Stefan also wrote about that saying it featured an “excellently satisfying gameplay loop, flattening the rejuvenated turn-based tactical genre to a 2D plane, but also putting the destiny of your crew in your hands, with the direct control over aiming and firing guns.” He went on to say that “the bite sized missions suit playing on a Vita or 3DS when on the go, just as well as sitting in front of a TV or computer and work your way through several missions at a time.” which sounds like it’s perfect for Stadia given you can play it pretty much anywhere if you’ve got a good enough internet connection.

Finally, The Turing Test also grabbed an 8/10, and at the time we said “it’s certainly worth a look at for those wanting to scratch that First Person Puzzle itch.”

All in all, it’s a great month for Stadia, especially when Zombie Army 4: Dead War is barely out of the gate.

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