This is what the Xbox Series X will probably sound like when booting up

Having a little audio jingle associated with your brand has become industry standard, from the ‘Ding-ding-dong-ding’ of Intel to the ‘I’m loving it’ jingle for MacDonalds or the swishy-swells of the original PlayStation 1 every brand has them and thanks to Microsoft we now know what the Xbox Series X will probably sound like when you turn it on.

How do we know? Because if you turn on the captions for the video it says [New Xbox Sound]. As for the sound itself it’s quite floaty, there’s a flute it the start and it rises into a soft crescendo, it’s rather calming and relaxing.

This Thursday, 7th May at 4PM UK time, Microsoft are set to give us our first real look at next-gen games heading to the Xbox Series X when it launches at the end of this year. However, that’s just the beginning, with the company planning to host monthly streams from now on, focussing on Xbox Series X and everything around it. These will be called Xbox 20/20, rebranding the Inside Xbox streams.

The first of these streams, which was announced last week, will feature the first gameplay from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, as well as gameplay, trailers and sneak peaks from other third party publishers and developers. All of these games will be Xbox Series X Optimised, so they’ll take advantage of the SSD, ray tracing, and raw power of the Series X, but many will also be cross-gen games with versions capable of running on the Xbox One.

Microsoft already revealed their Smart Delivery feature, which allows games to bridge the generational gap, letting you download the specific version of the game that’s optimised best for your console. This can be free for consumers, with both Cyberpunk 2077 and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla confirmed to take advantage of this fact, and Microsoft will confirm more of these on Thursday.

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