Elite Dangerous Fleet Carrier beta 2 begins May 11th, sign up now

Frontier Developments is hosting a second beta for the Elite Dangerous Fleet Carrier allowing players on PC, PS4, and Xbox One to try out the ships before they are officially launched in June. The beta is open to registered players and you will need to go to the Frontier store to register for a chance to get a key. You can head to the sign up page through here. This second beta does take into account feedback from the beta held last month and players who have already had access will notice some changes.

Those changes include:

  • Universal Cartographics will be available as an optional service on Fleet Carriers.
  • Fleet Carrier owners will have access to shipyard and outfitting for stored items on their carrier, without enabling the full service.
  • Reduced the amount of Tritium, the special fuel that powers up the Fleet Carriers’ jump drive, consumed with each jump by around half.
  • Decommissioning a carrier will now refund the full cost of a carrier, minus a static fee for voluntary decommissioning.
  • Beginning May 22, Beta 2 will enter a “beta blowout” period and Fleet Carriers will be purchasable for the token price of 1 million credits (a reduction of more than 99%), to simulate the mass adoption of fleet carriers and to also ensure they are accessible to the majority of players who join the Beta.

The Elite Dangerous Fleet Carrier beta will be live until May 26th at which point it will go offline so Frontier can work on any feedback and changes required before the content is released in June.

Source: Press Release

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