Amazon show off the three core game modes in free to play shooter Crucible

Having announced their free to play shooter Crucible last week, Amazon Games and Relentless Studios are giving us a closer look at the various game modes that will feature in the game when it’s released for PC via Steam on 20th May.

Set on an alien world, the third person shooter pits two teams against each other in objective-based modes: Heart of the Hives, Alpha Hunters and Harvester Command.


Heart of the Hives is the smallest of the modes, with two teams of four battling against Hives that spawn throughout the world. Your goal is to defeat Hives and capture the Heart within, with the first to three captures taking the win.

Alpha Hunters seems to be much more straightforward, as a sprawling elimination mode in which eight pairs of players fight to be the last team standing.

Finally, Harvest Command sets two teams of eight against each other to capture and hold Harvesters around teh map and control them as they draw Essence from the planet. The first team to gain 100 points from harvesting or defeating opponents wins.

All of this is built on the same third person shooter foundations. There’s ten hunter characters to choose from in the game, that are a mixture of humans, aliens and robots. Each with their own weapons and abilities that can be improved and upgraded through a match using Essence, which will injecting some MOBA elements into the game.

This is one of the first few games to come out of Amazon Games, developed by Relentless Studios, but it’s not the only one that they plan to release this year. The company is also publishing the MMO New World which has a dark colonial era fantasy setting of Aeternum, the Eternal Isle. The MMO was also set to be released this month but has now been delayed until August 25th.

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