Cardnarok: Raid with Gods out now on Steam Early Access

There is a new deckbuilding card game out today on Steam Early Access, and that game is Cardnarok: Raid with Gods from Greedy Wolf Studio. The studio has been founded by former Blizzard Project Lead Frank Chang. Cardnarok: Raid with Gods has players building a team of gods from different pantheons including Greek, Hindu, Egyptian, Japanese, Chinese, and Norse. Each of these gods can be powered up with Divinity Cards that will grant them unique bonuses too.


The game’s key features include:

  • Harness the power of the Gods – Recruit Gods and Goddesses from the greatest stories ever told. Meet Hermes, Zeus, Athena, Anubis, Isis, and more – each with their own unique active and passive abilities.
  • Play as not one, but three heroes at once – A never-before-seen feature in a card battle game! When you move a deity to the front row, he/she will automatically perform a special move. These moves include abilities that heal teammates, make an extra attack, or even provide beneficial effects such as drawing an additional card or regaining action points!
  • Master their ‘Divine Powers’ – Special ‘Divine Cards’ morph and change based on the deity currently leading the charge.
  • Embark on a unique adventure, every time – Move around a randomly generated tabletop map to gather coins, healing potions, and new heroes to join your party!

Speaking about the game Frank Chang of Greedy Wolf Studio said:

In an era where card games are so saturated in the market, we hope to develop original gameplay that utilizes a brand new and robust combat system capable of creating expandable combinations and high replayability.
We genuinely believe that we have created something special and unique that players who love the card battler genre should definitely pick up and give a try.
Cardnarok: Raid with Gods is available now on Steam Early Access.


Source: Press Release

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