Square Enix reveal Outriders gameplay and World Tiers difficulty system

Square Enix have given us a first meaningful look at their upcoming RPG Shooter, Outriders. In development by People Can Fly, the team behind Gears of War: Judgment and Bulletstorm, it’s due out for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in Holiday 2020.


The gameplay demo starts off in the First City, built from the colony ship that was first sent to the planet Enoch and was the repurposed as a starting point for the colony. Things didn’t work out too well when the first anomalies happened and put the core reactor at risk of a melt down… which it eventually did, ruining many parts of the city and leaving the city without energy or clean food and water.

Decades later, it’s abandoned to all but Exiles. However, missions will take you into this area, with the demo tasking the player with finding a truck and the information it contains for an ECA scientist.

The trailer shows off both human enemies and the Beforo that were rapidly evolved by the anomaly. On the mission was a character with Pyromancer abilities, juggling running from the massed enemies with unleashing fire upon them and using more conventional weaponry.

Ensuring that everything is nicely balances is the World Tier system, letting you decide whether you want to run through it just for the story, or wish to embrace the challenge. Higher World Tiers will increase enemy stats for damage, armour, health and level, while offering higher rewards, and potentially needing finely tuned character builds. You can also change the World Tier on the fly, but will only unlock the next tier by playing on the highest difficulty you have available to you at any point, earnt through combat. However, every time you die, you will lose progress. Difficulty will also shift if you’re playing co-op or solo.

It’s an interesting twist on typical MMORPG or looter shooter progression you typically find, making every moment that little bit more consequential to your progression.

This video was the first in a series of Outriders Broadcasts, a monthly show that will reveal more gameplay, new areas, abilities, and dig into different character classes in the run up to the game’s release later this year.

Source: press release

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