Predator: Hunting Grounds update 1.09 increases drop rate for rare and mythical items, patch notes here

Illfonic has released update 1.09 for its asymmetric multiplayer title Predator: Hunting Grounds, and in this update the drop rate for rare, exotic, and mythical items has been increased. Alongside that there have been bug fixes for both the Fireteam and Predator which fixes some animations, as well as stopping the Predator from doing two consecutive leap slams. The Hand Held Plasma Caster will be more effective as its damage rate has been increased. The full patch notes for update 1.09 are below.

  • General
    • Increased drop rates of Rare, Exotic, and Mythical items
    • Fixed an issue where the player card would not immediately visually reflect the reward redeemed from challenges
    • Fixed an issue where the perk description would persist on the loadout menu even after selecting “none”
    • Fixed an issue where “No Challenges Active” text would display behind redeemed challenges
  • Fireteam
    • General
      • Added more glyph variations to Self Destruct Defusal minigame
      • Fixed a bug that caused the third gear slot item to be unequipped if you equipped the Field Syrette, Medical Kit, and Ammo Bag all at the same time
      • Fixed an issue where Dutch’s facial hair would remain after being claimed by the Predator
      • Fixed an issue that caused the animation to not work as intended when jumping and ADSing at the same time
      • Fixed an issue where equipping the Ballistic Mask would remove the Fireteam member’s face when restarting the client
      • Fixed a bug that caused the map to not update while spectating
  • Predator
    • General
      • Fixed a bug that allowed the Predator to perform two leap slams consecutively
      • Fixed an issue where animation for stealth kills would not work as intended when the target reloads
      • Fixed a bug that caused the weapon wheel to persist if opened while meleeing
    • Weapons
      • Hand Held Plasma Caster
        • Increased damage

In our review for Predator: Hunting Grounds, Jim wrote:

Predator: Hunting Grounds is a decent multiplayer romp with just enough content and ideas to make it worthwhile. It’s a huge improvement over Ifflonic’s last game, Dead Alliance, and one that’s definitely pumped up thanks to having a popular license to lean on.
Source: Illfonic
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