Warframe: The Deadlock Protocol update launches this week on PC

Digital Extremes has announced that Warframe’s The Deadlock Protocol update will be released this week on PC, with the update to also be released on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch at some point. The main piece of content from The Deadlock Protocol includes the remastered Corpus fleet that has threats and escalating security including upgraded turrets and  mine-deploying Corpus Aristocrats. Players will also delve into the story of the origins of the Corpus which will reveal some new information about the faction.


The update also adds the 43rd Warframe and this one is Protea, which can manipulate time. The new Warframe’s abilities are below:

Activate to throw a cluster of shrapnel grenades, damaging and staggering nearby enemies. Hold to emit sticky shield grenades that latch onto allies and restore a large amount of shields.

Place a temporary rapid-fire turret that automatically targets enemies. Each successful hit increases its damage, causing projectiles to pierce enemies and hit multiple foes with a single shot.

Deploy a cycling supply cache that can generate health, ammo and energy pickups periodically.

Activate to drop an anchor point that records Protea’s state. Any damage dealt to Protea during the Ability will be emitted back to your foes upon deactivation. Deactivating Temporal Anchor will rewind Protea back to the activation point restoring all ammo, energy, shields and health. If Protea is downed while Temporal Anchor is active, Protea will automatically rewind to safety!

Players can also return to Fossa where there is an upgraded jackal to take on, and Jackal Sorties will be available for a week after release of the update. The fight sequences against the jackal have been changed so they are multi-level encouters as well. There is also the addition of the Granum Crowns currency which can unlock challenges within missions, release Solaris prisoners, or be spent to learn about the Founder, and can also transport players to a Corpus nether realm.. A new Dojo room is to be added as well which can be decorated and new decorations include Solaris-themed decorations

Source: Press Release/Digital Extremes

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