Astro’s Playroom, Bugsnax, and Little Devil Inside also announced for PS5

Here’s your final batch of PlayStation 5 games for the evening with the welcome return of PlayStation mascot Astrobot in Astro’s Playroom which will coming preloaded on all new PlayStation 5 consoles.


Astro and his crew lead you on a magical introduction through PS5 in this fun platformer that comes pre-loaded on PS5. Explore four worlds, each based on PS5’s console components. Each area showcases innovative gameplay that taps into the new features of the PS5’s DualSense wireless controller

Up next is Little Devil Inside from Neostream.

Little Devil Inside is an action-adventure RPG with survival elements set in an atmospheric, semi-open world. The trailer reveals new scenes, monsters and glimpses of gameplay in various environments.

And finally (phew!) we have the Baby Shark of PlayStation, Bugsnax. This very odd game comes from the team behind Octodad: Dadliest Catch and has an infuriatingly catchy theme tune.

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