4X strategy game Humankind delayed to 2021, but OpenDev initiative will let you play this summer

Sega and Amplitude have announced the OpenDev initiative for the upcoming 3X strategy game Humankind. Having traditionally released their games into Steam Early Access, this time around they’re trying something a little bit different with the OpenDev initiative, leading up to its release in 2021 – this is delayed from the planned 2020 release.


OpenDev mixes things up by spreading out its release through the summer. There will be three playable scenarios released through this period, each becoming more and more in depth, and giving Amplitude time to adjust their plans based off the targeted feedback. One of the best things is that this will be free – it’s testing, after all!

Eager beavers can register for a chance to test these scenarios, targeted on exploration, tactical battles and then basic city management. The company will also increase the player pools through each of the three phases.

Register to take part in OpenDev here.

The 2021 release date comes as a consequence of, you guessed it, Covid-19. Amplitude said, “We’re lucky to have been able to transition towards working from home thanks to SEGA’s support. We’ve decided that to ensure that we give our community the best and most polished game, we will be releasing in 2021.”

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