Amazon’s New World MMO enters closed beta in July

New World, the brand new open-world MMO coming from Amazon Games, is set to enter closed beta on July 23rd 2020, with access being granted to those that pre-order the game. Players that pre-order the game will, alongside access, also gain a number of in-game rewards to customise their experience.


Alongside the closed beta details, a brand new gameplay trailer dropped as part of this weekend’s PC Gamer show, focussing on the game’s PvP combat, and mightily impressive it looks too.

Set in Aeternum, a mysterious and haunted isle full of undead legions, this open world MMO looks as though it could scratch the itch for players tiring of Final Fantasy XIV and Elder Scrolls Online. While there’s all of the standard MMO malarkey on display here – supernatural combat, character customisation and fantastical lands, its massive battles set New Worlds apart.

New World features fortress sieges that take in other players and supernatural invaders, and can feature up to one hundred players on the battlefield at any one time. While that might be marketing spiel, it certainly sounds very cool, and if Amazon Games can pull it off, they can write their own ticket to the MMO space.

They’re also going for classless character progression, which sounds interesting, and will presumably open up a world of different options, while there’s going to be an emphasis on crafting as well, for those that prefer less fighting and more shoe making.

Regular MMO players can take solace in the fact that they can form up Companies with others, and operate out of fortified strongholds which sounds great. Those that prefer a more solitary lifestyle can buy their own homes and customise them to their own liking. Presumably via some kind of fantasy Ikea, or Dunhelm Mill.

New World will launch globally on the 25th of August 2020.

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