Date your sword in Boyfriend Dungeon, coming to PC and Switch

Here’s a dungeon crawling title with a bit of twist and that game is Boyfriend Dungeon. In Kitfox Games’ Boyfriend Dungeon players do not just wield their swords as weapons but can also date them. Now, you may be wondering how this works. Each sword transforms into a man, woman, or non binary individual who players can befriend and date. Your character fights monsters for money and there will be deaths, but dying is not the end. Instead, you will be able to level up and gain new skills and abilities for your character and swords. All the action takes place in Verona Beach, California.


Here’s the full game description:

Plunder the “dunj” and take your weapons on dates.
Capture the hearts of cuties to level them up. Boyfriend Dungeon is the the playful shack-and-slash the world’s been waiting for!

Boyfriend Dungeon will be available on PC and Switch soon.

Source: Guerrilla Collective

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