Elite Dangerous Fleet Carriers update 1.44 out now, read the patch notes

Frontier Developments has released the first update for Fleet Carriers which is also update 1.44 on consoles. The new update has reduced some yield amounts as well as reduced the effectiveness of items in certain areas. Crash issues have been investigated and addressed along with the missing bookmarks issue. Players will no longer be able to add additional features to the Fleet Carriers when capacity is reached either. The full patch notes can be read below.

Elite Dangerous 1.44 update patch notes

Commodity Market

  • Reduced repeat speed on market selection arrows on Compare Market screen.


  • Reduced the largest possible yield when subsurface mining for Low Temperature Diamonds by around 25%.
  • Decreased the effectiveness of the peripheries of Low Temperature Diamond hotspots.
    • Overlapping hotspots for Low Temperature Diamonds, when coupled with the new Subsurface Mining changes, were more effective than the centre of the hotspot itself. This change increases the drop-off of the hotspot’s ring, reducing the likelihood that a double-overlapped hotspot is more lucrative than either of the hotspot’s centrepoints. A well-placed triple hotspot will still be very effective at increasing the likelihood of finding Low Temperature Diamonds. This change does not affect any other hotspots or minerals.


  • Fixed a disconnect triggered by selling exploration data at a Fleet Carrier.
  • Fixed an occasional crash when entering a system with a Fleet Carrier.
  • Fixed an issue with some bookmarks being missing.

Fleet Carriers

  • Fixed an issue which could cause a Fleet Carrier purchase transaction to fail.
  • Skybox will now correctly update after a Fleet Carrier jump without having to re-enter the instance.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed players to install additional Carrier services even if they didn’t have capacity.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate Fleet Carrier call-signs – this will cause all Fleet Carrier call signs to be regenerated as of 3.7.01.
  • Fixed some issues with stats not correctly updating.
  • Fixed an issues with carrier jump sequence not always proceeding correctly.

Arx & Customisation

  • Fixed an issues which caused some Fleet Carrier nameplates to be obscured.
  • Fixed the colour of landing pad 7 holo-marker on Fleet Carriers.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when switching Fleet Carrier Layout.


  • Fixed missing ATC voices at starports.
  • Fixed issue with outfitting ambiance audio layering up on top of itself when going between outfitting and livery.
  • Fixed an issue with Engineer Remote Workshop ambiance persisting into the main game, and can layer up on itself too.


  • Fixed missing titles for the audio logs associated with the Golconda.


  • Fixed an issue where a collect/source mission would request commodities on sale at the same location.
  • Fixed an issue which caused mission critical updates to not appear in the inbox.


  • Added a speculative fix for an issue that could cause the game to add excessive NavRoute entries to the journal when looking at the Galaxy Map.


  • Fixed the missing cooldown time which would allow players to repeatedly obtain their allocation of powerplay materials.

Background Simulation and Galaxy

  • Reinstated missing locations.
  • Ongoing balancing of Faction influence normalisation.

Source: Frontier

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