Predator: Hunting Grounds update 1.11 out now, patch notes here

Illfonic has released a small hotfix for Predator: Hunting Grounds through update 1.11. This update addresses the issues of skins resetting loadouts to default settings, a crash issue in customisation, and an issue of characters not appearing. The full and very brief patch notes can be seen below.

  • Fixed a bug where certain weapon skins would cause the equipped loadout to reset to default
  • Fixed an issue where the characters in the main menu cinematic would sometimes not appear
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while in the customization menu

Last week, patch 1.10 increased the level cap to 60, added the Elder Predator unlockable, and introduced a number of bug fixes. The full notes for that patch are below.


Predator: Hunting Grounds 1.10 patch notes

  • Free Update
    • Increased max level to 150
    • New unlockable Predator – Elder Predator (At Level 150)
    • New unlockable cosmetics (Full list at end of Patch Notes)
    • Hammerhead now unlockable by leveling up
    • Dutch’s Knife now unlockable by leveling up
  • General
    • Smoke Grenades now appear in low and medium video settings
    • Fixed an issue where the perk loadout may be incorrect in the lobby
    • Fixed an issue where the Predator’s hand would sometimes be in the Fireteams face in the Main Menu
    • Fixed an issue where the chopper was missing during the Fireteam escaped outro cinematic on Backwater
  • Fireteam
    • General
      • Added reinforcement mission timer to Fireteam HUD
      • Fixed a bug where Fireteam members would not die from stealth kills if they have the OWLF perk equipped
      • Can no longer open the weapon wheel while exchanging weapons with the weapon crates
      • Fixed an issue where Fireteam members would be unable to interact with the same item twice in a row unless they look away from the item
      • Fixed an issue where Fireteam members continue to have standing collision boxes while they’re downed
      • Fixed an issue that caused the animation to not play properly when spam throwing grenades
    • Weapons
      • S-R3D
        • Fixed an issue where Fireteam members would A-pose when the player would equip the S-R3D in certain locations
  • Predator
    • General
      • The Predator will no longer be marked from spotting if they are completely invisible and haven’t been damaged recently
      • Reduced duration that spotting marks predators
      • Predator’s leap slam can now destroy foliage
      • Reduced leap slam damage through walls and roofs
      • The Predator is no longer able to switch weapons during mid leap
      • Fixed a bug that caused the Predator to sometimes get stuck in Predkour mode
      • Fixed an issue where auto aim was being affected by players behind the Predator
      • Fixed a bug where backing out of the customization menu for Predator weapon shaders would bring you to the wrong menu
      • Fixed a bug where the Predator Mask would sometimes be missing the glowing eyes
      • Fixed a bug where The Predator would sometimes not enter second wind if killed by an explosive barrel
    • Weapons
      • Smart Disc
        • Fixed a bug where Host Fireteam members are able to see a cloaked Predator after the Predator throws a Smart Disc

New Unlockable Cosmetics:

  • Lvl 100 Platinum tints for Predator
  • Lvl 150 Gold tints for Predator
  • Lvl 10 Unique Fireteam Weapon skins

Predator Gear Tints

  • Net Gun Obsidian Tint
  • War Club Obsidian Tint
  • Hand Held Plasma Caster Obsidian Tint
  • Smart Disc Obsidian Tint
  • Elder Blade Obsidian Tint
  • Yautja Bow Obsidian Tint
  • Combistick Obsidian Tint

Predator Mask Tints

  • Default Mask Obsidian Tint
  • Journeyman Mask Obsidian Tint
  • Eclipse Mask Obsidian Tint
  • Prophet Mask Obsidian Tint
  • Inferno Mask Obsidian Tint
  • Plague Mask Obsidian Tint
  • Phoenix Mask Obsidian Tint
  • Phalanx Mask Obsidian Tint
  • Nocturne Mask Obsidian Tint
  • Immortal Mask Obsidian Tint

Predator Armor Tints

  • Crimson Scout Armor Tint
  • Crimson Hunter Armor Tint
  • Crimson Berserker Armor Tint
  • Sage Scout Armor Tint
  • Sage Hunter Armor Tint
  • Sage Berserker Armor Tint

Predator Skin Pattern Tints

  • Scout Default Skin Pattern Ivy Tint
  • Hunter Default Skin Pattern Ivy Tint
  • Berserker Default Skin Pattern Ivy Tint
  • Scout Raptor Skin Pattern Hydra Tint
  • Hunter Raptor Skin Pattern Hydra Tint
  • Berserker Raptor Skin Pattern Hydra Tint

Fireteam Weapon Skins

  • Stalker – Dutch’s Knife
  • Butcher – Dutch’s Knife
  • Rival – Dutch’s Knife
  • JunkYardDog Skin – Hammerhead
  • Drip Skin – Hammerhead
  • Monarch Skin – Hammerhead
  • Blue Viper Skin – 2XL
  • Blue Viper Skin – Z-06
  • Blue Viper Skin – DJL-33
  • Blue Viper Skin – SAWZ-50
  • Blue Viper Skin – 1011-12
  • Blue Viper Skin – PDW-Z
  • Blue Viper Skin – D34-D
  • Blue Viper Skin – Grim19
  • Blue Viper Skin – G-ROW
  • Blue Viper Skin – RP-103
  • Blue Viper Skin – KR-55
  • Blue Viper Skin – AR-W
  • Blue Viper Skin – 7EN
  • Blue Viper Skin – CS-12
  • Blue Viper Skin – GOSL-R
  • Blue Viper Skin – S-R3D
  • Blue Viper Skin – XDB-12
  • Blue Viper Skin – QR-4
  • Blue Viper Skin – ABR-Z
  • Green Skin – HammerHead
  • Tan Skin – HammerHead
  • Blue Skin – Hammerhead
  • Brown Skin – Hammerhead
  • Gray Skin – Hammerhead
  • Woodland Skin – Hammerhead
  • Desert Skin – Hammerhead
  • Green Tiger Skin – Hammerhead
  • Sandstorm Skin – Hammerhead
  • Digital Skin Skin – Hammerhead
  • Green Shatter Skin – Hammerhead
  • Red Tiger Skin – Hammerhead
  • Charcoal Skin – Hammerhead
  • Blue Viper Skin – Hammerhead
  • Green Hexagon Skin – Hammerhead
  • Silver Skin – Hammerhead
  • Golden Skin – Hammerhead
  • Viridian Skin – Hammerhead
  • Aurora Skin – Hammerhead

Fireteam Outfit Tints

  • Fireteam Assault “Digital Camo” Camo Tint
  • Fireteam Recon “Digital Camo” Camo Tint
  • Fireteam Support “Digital Camo” Camo Tint
  • Fireteam Scout “Digital Camo” Camo Tint

Source: Illfonic

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