Lost in Random is an EA Original with tons of Burton-esque charm

In the midst of EA’s EA Play show – I’ve barely noticed that we didn’t have E3 at this point – they announced a brand new title from Zoink games, entitled Lost in Random.

Boasting beautiful gothic fairytale-styled visuals, the central idea is the desire to break free from the chaos and randomness of the world of Random, where everything relies on the roll of one dice. You take on the role of Even, a little girl who undergoes a terrible event that sets her on her journey into this incredible world. It looks as though at least one dice becomes your best friend, with Dicey, a cheeky little die, becoming key to your adventure.


Zoink Games, a Swedish development team, have aimed for the weirdest and strangest setting they could imagine. Klaus and Olaf were on hand from the crew to describe the world of Random, but hinted at the fact that despite the game’s name, Randomness is feared here, with everything controlled by a dark overseeing force.

The gameplay video showed plenty of weighty combat action, with Even armed with both a slingshot and various other melee weapons. It looks as though Dicey will be able to join in with you for some co-op style attacks as well, and there look to be plenty of weird and wonderful characters to meet – and attack – along the way.

The world looks beautiful; a real mix between Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas and Coraline, and if you’re a fan of dark, gothic fantasy, with an approachable twist, Lost in Random should be well on your radar. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for it.

Lost in Random is set to arrive in 2021, and though no indication was given on what platforms it might appear on, it seems a shoe-in for the next generation.

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