Xbox Game Pass update adds Observation and Streets of Rogue

The next batch of games for Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass have now been added to the service with players getting access to four more games. Those games include Observation, Streets of Rogue, Night Call, and The Messenger. All of the games are available on Xbox One with Observation also available on the PC side of Xbox Game Pass. Earlier this month No Man’s Sky and West of Dead were added to Xbox Game Pass. Now this is the part where I would say what we thought of the games in our reviews, but we do not have reviews for all the games. We do have them for Observation and The Messenger though, so observe.

In our Observation review I wrote:

Observation is a sci-fi thriller that puts you in a situation quite unlike any other. You never quite know what to expect, but the writing is solid enough to make sense even at its most unbelievable, and the characters of Sam and Emma really grow on you. A few niggly navigational hiccups and a couple of dull puzzles can break the immersion a bit, but even so any sci-fi fan should have a look at Observation.
In our The Messenger review, Adrian wrote:
Judged by its visuals alone, The Messenger is a charming retro adventure with pixel perfect platforming. Even that high praise is to do it a disservice, as the game soon opens up to be an unexpected, yet brilliant metroidvania, delivering a plot that twists, turns, surprises, and has humour to spare. Ultimately, the Messenger is one of the best indie games I’ve ever encountered. You really should play it.
You can read the full review here.
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