The Waylanders early access roadmap lays out future content updates

Gato Salvaje Studio have outlined their early access roadmap for upcoming Celtic fantasy roleplaying game, The Waylanders. For those who have been playing the game since it launched on Steam a couple of weeks ago, you will have noticed regular updates adding new content and features.


The Spanish game developer has now committed to biweekly updates for The Waylanders as outlined in their new roadmap, stating that “of the revealed updates, focus will be on added content such as added quests, early companion loyalty missions, and lore.”

“Each content release will be followed by an update tackling in-game improvements such as missing cinematics, bug fixes, and gameplay adjustments.”

Between now and the end of August, early access players can expect a raft of new features, fixes, and enhancements including cinematic and audio improvements as well as changed to the user interface and combat systems. You can view the current roadmap for The Waylanders below.

The Waylanders currently has a release date sketched in for early 2021. We’ve been playing the indie RPG for a couple of weeks now and what we’ve seen so far has been very promising though this is very much in its early access stage – read our The Waylanders preview here.

The story, setting, and characters are all very compelling along with the fresh yet familiar combat. However, there are chunks of the game missing as well as some annoying bugs though these are easy to overlook given this is a pre release build:

The game is still in early access and there’s a lot of work to be done. Even during this opening section of The Waylanders portions of the main story weren’t present and we encountered a handful of frustrating bugs. The tutorials, inventory system, and combat balance are all key areas in need of improvement too but Gato have made a solid start here. We’re already invested in this world, keen to see more of The Waylanders as it gradually builds towards a full release.

For now, Gato only has plans to launch The Waylanders on PC. PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game aren’t completely off the table, though given how far we are from launch and the size of the studio, don’t expect to hear any console port news for quite a while.

Source: Press Release

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