Tannenburg will be released on PS4 and Xbox One in just a few weeks time

M2H  has confirmed that the WWI squad shooter Tannenberg will be released for PS4 and Xbox One, with a release date of July 24th. Tannenberg is the sequel to Verdun and takes players to the Eastern Front of the First World War where Russia and Germany clash. The console release will also see the arrival of the new map Przemyśl centered on fighting in and around the fortified town. It will be a different experience to the close quarters combat of Verdun. PC players will get access to Przemyśl on July 24th as well. A new trailer was released to mark the console announcement and the new map. Przemyśl is where the longest siege of WWI took place with the Austro-Hungarian forces facing the Russians. Other maps include mountains, swamps, forests, and villages.


Tannenberg will feature 40 player battles with soldiers from both sides of the conflict represented, including those from Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, and the Austria-Hungarian forces. The aim will be to capture different points around the map, which in turn leads to the other team losing points. Each side will have authentic weapons, uniforms, and equipment that would have been used during WWI. This includes machine guns, artillery, and gas. The Manoeuvre mode has space for 40 players but if that target is not met there is room for up to 20 bots to take part in the battle too.

Developer and M2H co-founder Mike Hergaarden said:

Following community feedback after the initial Verdun console release, we decided to handle all console versions of our titles in house – this started with the recent remaster of Verdun. This gave us valuable experience with optimizing the UI, graphics and controls for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and we got a lot of positive feedback from players. For the console version of Tannenberg we built it ourselves from the start.”

Tannenberg was originally scheduled to launch for consoles during the end of 2019 but was met with a delay.

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