Brawl Stars season 2 Summer Of Monsters start date set for this week

Supercell have announced a second live season for their hugely popular mobile battler, Brawl Stars. Titled The Summer of Monsters, season 2 crams Brawl Stars with a slew of fresh content including a new Brawler, new game modes, and new skins for your favourite characters. There will also be a new Brawl Pass, complete with plenty of reward tiers to unlock.

Brawl Stars players may have noticed a new update available today, paving the way for the upcoming season. Supercell have now confirmed that season 2 will start on July 6th, running for a total of 10 weeks. This should give Brawl Stars fans plenty of time to snap up those Brawl Pass rewards before they’re gone!

Our new Brawler for season 2 is Surge, a beefy robot sporting some interesting gameplay mechanics. Firstly, his main attack will split if it makes contact with an enemy Brawler, hitting additional nearby targets for damage.

Then we have Surge’s ultimate ability. With each ultimate charge you can essentially upgrade Surge’s basic stats, the first upgrade increasing his movespeed, the second upping his attack range, and the third splitting his main attack into 6 projectiles upon hitting an enemy instead of two. Sounds pretty powerful, right? Well here’s the catch: getting KO’d will remove these upgrades so when playing Surge you’ll need to know when to chase and when to ease off.

Brawl Stars season 2 is rocking a superhero/kaiju vibe embodied by its new game mode: Super City Rampage. Here Brawlers will band together to fight a giant monster across 5 quests.

Of course there are plenty of other treats in store for Brawl Stars players as part of this update. For the full list of new skins, features, and Brawler balance changes, see the update notes below.

Brawl Stars Season 2 July Update Release Notes

The Summer of Monsters Update!

New Chromatic Brawler – Surge – Available July 6!

  • Main Attack – Attack that splits horizontally after hitting an enemy Brawler
  • Super Ability – Using the Super upgrades Surge. Upgrades are lost upon respawn.
    • 1st Upgrade: Movement Speed
    • 2nd Upgrade: Main Attack Range
    • 3rd Upgrade: Main Attack projectile now splits into 6 projectiles upon hitting an enemy
  • Gadget – Teleports a short distance
  • Star Power – Main Attack projectile splits after reaching max distance or when hitting a wall

Brawl Pass Season 2: Summer of Monsters!

  • Starting July 6 and lasting 10 weeks!
  • Mecha Paladin Surge – Brawl Pass
  • Super Ranger Brock – Brawl Pass
  • Chromatic Names available for Brawl Pass players!
  • Brawl Pass rewards can now be collected in any order

New Skins

  • Crow Remodel
  • Mega Beetle Bea – 150 Gems
  • Ultra Driller Jacky – 150 Gems
  • King Crab Tick – 80 Gems
  • Street Wear Max – 80 Gems
  • White Crow – 80 Gems
  • Retro Nani – 30 Gems
  • True Silver & True Gold skins
    • Players can purchase the Silver skin for the Brawler after they have upgraded to Power Level 9 on the Brawler.The Gold version becomes available after purchasing the Silver version.
    • Silver costs 10 000 Coins. Gold costs 25 000 Coins.
    • Skins will be offered as part of the normal Shop skin offer rotation.
    • Gold and Silver will be available for Emz, El Primo, Shelly, Piper, and Leon.
  • Pirate Gene has a new visual effect for his Super
  • New face animations for Shelly, Colt, and Crow

Game Modes / Economy / Event Rotation Changes

  • Trophy Road Rewards have been extended until 50 000 Trophies
  • Hot Zone has been added into the permanent event rotation
  • New Mode: Super City Rampage!
    • Players fight together to protect the city from a Monster who tries to destroy it. The Monster wins if it destroys all of the city blocks, or defeat all the Brawlers.
    • The monster unlocks new abilities at higher difficulty levels
    • 5 Quests for 5 difficulty levels for this event similarly to Raid Boss and Robo Rumble
  • Big Game
  • Big Game has been re-balanced – Big Brawlers were winning too often compared to the Hunters
  • Big Brawler pets damage and health has been reduced
  • Big Brawler self-healing has been reduced
  • Big Brawler health has been adjusted so that it now depends more on the Brawler’s base health
  • Robo Rumble
    • Hard, Expert and Insane difficulty levels are now slightly easier
    • The enrage mechanic has been changed from the 90 second enrage to:
      • Robots now enrage after 25 seconds and gain a speed boost
      • Robots now enrage more after 40 seconds and attack the Safe directly

Pins Battle Support – Emotes can now be used during battles!

  • Emotes are visible for both teams
  • Using an emote will set a cooldown for 10 seconds
  • Emotes can be muted during battle from the emote button
  • Emote button placement can be configured in the Edit Controls screen
  • Players have 4 different emotes to use in Battle: Happy, Sad, Angry and Special
    • Special category emote can be configured for each of the Brawlers individually. Players need to collect the Pins for each of the Brawlers in order to use that Brawler’s emotes If the player does not own Pins for the currently selected Brawler then a default emote will be displayed instead

Archive – Last chance offers for the following skins after which they will be retired into the archive. Skins going into the Archive this season: Caveman Frank, Touchdown Bull, Rockabilly Mortis, Spicy Mike, Boom Box Brock

New Gadgets! New Gadgets will be released once per week during the next 10 weeks

  • Crow: All currently poisoned enemies are slowed
  • Penny: Fire a barrage of shots at Penny’s location
  • Bo: Instantly explode mines
  • Mortis: Faster reload speed for a while
  • El Primo: Summon a small meteor at closest enemy
  • Jessie: Supercharge turret to shoot twice as fast
  • Barley: Throw healing potion to every friendly player in range that leaves a healing puddle on the ground (Healing over time, doesn’t stack)
  • Shelly: Next basic attack has a narrower cone and longer range
  • Piper: Next basic attack is a seeking bullet
  • Dynamike: Next basic attack stuns

Brawler Balance


  • Gale’s main attack now fires 6 smaller projectiles for improved damage dealing consistency
  • Gale no longer knocks himself back upon activating Super
  • Super enemy push back distance has been increased


  • Increased Health from 2400 to 2600
  • Nani’s Main Attack projectiles now travel extra distance if they miss their target for improved damage dealing consistency


  • Fidget Spinner now also increases movement speed


  • Increased Main Attack damage from 440 to 460
  • Clone Projector Leon is no longer killed with a single hit, but instead takes double damage from all sources. The damage dealt to the clone by enemies is now shown.


  • Increased Main Attack damage from 420 to 460


  • Decreased Health from 3600 to 3400


  • Decreased Health from 5200 to 5000
  • Decreased Pneumatic Booster speed boost from 30% to 20%
  • Increased Pneumatic Booster charges from 2 to 3


  • Overgrowth now takes 5 seconds to charge but the increased explosion radius is always applied
  • Super charging rate decreased from 4 to 5 hits

Mr. P

  • Tin Can has been been replaced with a new Star Power: Revolving Door
  • Revolving Door: The robo-porters spawn 3 seconds faster after being defeated.


  • Decreased health from 3800 to 3600
  • Decreased Friendzoner push back radius and distance
  • Increased Friendzoner charges from 2 to 3

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