Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition PC release date and features confirmed

While many a PlayStation fan is drooling at the prospect of Horizon Forbidden West, PC gamers are only just about to get their first taste of the world of Horizon with the PC release of Horizon Zero Dawn. Now Guerrilla have confirmed it will be out for PC on 7th August 2020, with pre-orders available at £32.99.


The trailer also digs into some of the specific features that the PC release will have. For one thing, the Complete Edition will feature all of the content from the main game and its The Frozen Wilds expansion, but playing it you’ll be able to experience this with ultra-wide monitor support and an unlocked frame rate. Alternatively, there’s Adaptive Performance FPS to dynamically shift graphics settings to hit a frame rate target, and an FPS limit so your GPU isn’t needlessly running hot. The PC version will feature improved reflections compared to the game on PS4,

A benchmark tool will let you dive in and see what settings work best for you, but once you hop into the game, there’s the full ability to remap controls on controller or keyboard & mouse.

We reviewed Horizon Zero Dawn back at its original PS4 release, in which I wrote:

“Horizon Zero Dawn is a bit of a slow burn, but there’s more to Guerrilla Games’ latest than just its staggeringly pretty graphics. The story surprises as it takes several twists and turns and explores the past, but the game’s beating heart is with its excellently tense and engaging robotic monster hunting.”

The game is following it Decima engine compatriot Death Stranding on the way to PC, with Guerrilla quite likely having done some of the groundwork for the port to assist Kojima Productions. As such, bringing Horizon Zero Dawn is a bit of an experiment for Guerrilla and Sony.

We’ve been hands on with Death Stranding on PC recently. Miguel has returned to the game, saying:

“Death Stranding didn’t exactly need fixing when it came out on PS4. It was already a beautiful and ultra-responsive game on that console, and that much will remain true as it comes out on PC later this month. This isn’t shaping up to be a massively updated and upgraded version of the game that PlayStation fans will be kicking themselves for not experiencing. Instead, it’s going to simply be an opportunity for PC owners to get their hands on one of the most important video games of the last decade, and so far, it’s an extremely polished and utterly gorgeous opportunity.”

It will be truly fascinating to see how much the two games have in common on PC, especially as modest mid-ranged PCs are more than capable of pushing Death Stranding to 1080p60.

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