Warface: Breakout roadmap confirms crossplay will be added later this year

Allods Team & MY.GAMES have revealed the content roadmap for the multiplayer tactical shooter Warface: Breakout, and in it there is confirmation that crossplay between PS4 and Xbox One will be landing at some point during Season 2. The second season will start in September. Since the game’s launch the team has been working on better hit registration, improved player profiles, ranked matches, daily quests, and a rework of the grenade. In addition, new cosmetics such as apparel and body skins are being released so players can further customise their characters. Season 2 and Season 3 is when a lot of content is expected to hit.

As mentioned season two will herald in crossplay between PS4 and Xbox One, but that will not be the only thing. A new map will be added along with a weapon progression system. There will be a seasonal leaderboard, new Elite challenges, callout pings, weapon stats, victory poses, and more skins. There are no details yet of what the new map setting will be, how it has been designed to play in, or when it will be released exactly.

Season 3 looks like it will have an even bigger impact in terms of content and how players interact with Warface: Breakout. Season 3 is set to start in December, and that will add brand new mode as well as two new maps. A Clan system will also be added during Season 3 and that will have its own ladders and challenges to play through. If you do not want to play you can at least watch as a Spectator mode will also be added. Players will also be able to create custom games, get access to a defusal kit, and get more skins, trinkets, and graffiti. The season changes will also bring technical improvements to Warface: Breakout that will improve the net code, framerate, and visuals. A region lock setting will be added too so players can choose to play against others in their region only.

Source: Press Release

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