The Medium’s dual-realities demoed in the new trailer

Bloober Team gave us a second look at Xbox Series X console exclusive horror game The Medium during today’s Xbox Games Showcase and the stream’s post-show. The game will be out for Xbox Series X and PC later this year.


With the promise of a game that bridges the divide between two realities, the latest trailer focusses in on that particular aspect, going beyond letting you shift between the two worlds, as dramatically shown in the reveal trailer, to show you exploring both realities at the same time with a split view of the game.

The game follows Marianne, a medium who’s haunted by visions forced to live between both the real world and the spirit world. At times you’ll be able to explore both worlds simultaneously, controlling both versions of Marianne with a single analogue stick, investigating different elements found in each world. Marianne has varying abilities as well, able to tap into supernatural powers like Out of Body in the spirit world.

To go alongside the next-gen visuals in the game, will be the sounds of Akira Yamaoka, the renowned composer from the Silent Hill series who’s working alongside Bloober Team’s Arkadiusz Reikowski to create a ‘dual’ score that embodies both worlds.

The game will be out this at the end of this year, within the launch window of the Xbox Series X, and will be available via Xbox Game Pass, just as Bloober Team’s Blair Witch was on its launch.

Source: press release

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