Spacebase Startopia takes off in October, watch the gameplay trailer here

Kalypso and Realmforge Studios have released a gameplay trailer for the management simulator Spacebase Startopia, a reimagining of the classic 2001 title Startopia. In this new trailer, you can see the three different decks that can be customised on the space station to provide entertainment for a whole galaxy worth of alien societies. The trailer shows how you can place different features in the station to provide somewhere these aliens can party, as well as creating spaces where you can tend to the their needs. Not everything is simple as there will be some creatures to fight.


Spacebase Startopia will have a campaign mode to play through and there is also a multiplayer aspect which features both co-operative and competitive gameplay. Outside of keeping the visitors happy you will need to sort out trading with other stations so there are enough resources to keep things moving. As the station is such a draw there will be some unsavoury types trying to crash the party and invade. Your role as the Captain of the station will be to repel the invaders and keep all of the guests happy and partying, instead of fleeing to some other station.

Along with the new trailer, Kalypso confirmed the release date for Spacebase Startopia and the game will be available on October 23rd for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. A Nintendo Switch version will be released in 2021. Anyone who pre-orders will get beta access to Spacebase Startopia.

Source: YouTube

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