August’s Stadia Pro games have been confirmed by Google

Google has announced the five games that Google Stadia Pro subscribers will be able to get in August. Those four games are Metro 2033 Redux, Strange Brigade, Kona, Rock of Ages 3, and Just Shapes and Beats. These will be available on August 1st. Except, Rock of Ages 3 that is which will be available from August 14th. That means Stadia Pro subscribers have until August 1st to claim Zombie Army 4: Dead War.

In our review for Strange Brigade, Tuffcub wrote:


“Strange Brigade is a jolly good wheeze. The 1930’s matinee cinema styling makes it unlike any other game on market and that’s a rare treat. The campaign, although dragging in a few spots, is just the right length and has replayability thanks to the many hidden treats to discover, while the score attack mode and horde modes are pleasant, if rather flimsy, distractions. Tuning the accuracy of the weapons would make me very chuffed, but as it stands this is a sterling effort from Rebellion. I look forward to the further thrilling adventures of (dramatic pause) The Strange Brigade! Tally ho!”

In our review for Kona, Jim wrote:

“Spanning several hours and sporting a number of more traditional game features, Kona feels far meatier compared to your average walking sim. The combination of nonlinear design and survival mechanics certainly help to dispel some of the issues I have with the genre. That said, the vagueness surrounding some puzzles, frequent backtracking, and a somewhat dissatisfying finale left me with mixed feelings despite introducing some welcome changes to the formula.”

In our review for Just Shapes and Beats, Dom wrote:

“Just Shapes & Beats is the best EDM compilation album you can play, and assuming the music floats your ear-shaped boat, it’s an absolute treat.  Challenging, engrossing and exhibiting a purity we so often forget, this is a genre mash-up where everybody wins.”

In our review for Rock of Ages 3, Stefan wrote:

“Rock of Ages 3 stretches the series’ core concept to the limit, but this tower defence and boulder platforming hybrid has still got some legs. Adding a few new game modes and the new level creation tool extends the game’s longevity, but ACE Team could do with refining a few of the rougher edges still in the game.”
We don’t have a review for Metro 2033 Redux, but in my opinion, it is a very good game.
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