Nioh 2 update 1.11 and Tengu’s Disciple DLC live

July is proving to be quite a month for samurai video games. With Ghost of Tsushima finally launching on PlayStation 4, less than two weeks later we have a new major update for Nioh 2.


The Koei Tecmo sequel has a fresh version to download and install, patch 1.11 pretty much laying the groundwork for Nioh 2’s first of three post-launch expansions. The first DLC, dubbed “The Tengu’s Disciple” is now available via the PlayStation Store, either as a individual purchase or part of the Nioh 2 season pass.

The Nioh 2 update 1.11 patch notes can be seen below:

  • Added content for add-on 1.
  • Expands functionality
  • Adjusted game balance
  • Fixes various bugs

Meanwhile, here’s a summary of what to expect from The Tengu’s Disciple.

Following the conclusion of Nioh 2’s campaign – unleash your darkness once more and extinguish the lingering flames of war.
Travel to the new coastal region of Yashima and go back in time to the final years of the Heian period. There, you’ll meet new allies, face fearsome yokai and discover the connection between the legendary Sohayamaru and Otakemaru:

• Test your might in over 10 challenging missions across three distinct new stages.
• Face off against unique bosses, new yokai and brutal enemy variants.
• Master a lethal new weapon type – the Splitstaff, and gear up with powerful new armor variants.
• Find and unleash destructive new guardian spirits, yokai skills, Ninjutsu abilities and more.

Nioh 2 scored a whopping 9/10 in Jason’s review, where he concluded:

Nioh 2 builds on the excellence of the original with a fistful of new twists and ideas, from new Yokai abilities to full-on co-op through the entire game. Nioh 2 might well be the best Soulslike that isn’t a FromSoftware game, and it’s easily one of my personal contenders for Game of the Year.

Developed by Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive studio, Team Ninja, Nioh 2 shipped a million copies in its launch month of May, contributing to the major 2020 growth of the game’s publisher, Koei Tecmo.

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