Carrion: Behind the Screams released by Devolver, kind of goes behind the scenes

Look. A video from Devolver Digital is never going to be super serious, and the latest video does not break from tradition. Carrion: Behind the Screams is a kind of behind the scenes look at the making of Carrion while interviewing the star of the game, the Carrion monster. The description reads: “Carrion: Behind the Screams, a shocking three-minute exposé about the making of the hit horror game. Creep behind the pixels with a raw, unfiltered interview with Carrion’s star beast and understand the physical and emotional toll it took to create its art.”


Carrion has currently sold over 200,000 copies since its launch with thousands more playing Carrion on Xbox Game Pass. In our review for Carrion, Stefan wrote:

“The Thing is easily one of my favourite films of all time. The isolation, the creeping paranoia, the weirdness of the alien monster when it’s eventually revealed, Kurt Russel’s fabulous hair and John Carpenter’s iconic soundtrack. It all adds up to an iconic horror film. Carrion takes that film as inspiration and flips it on its head. Now you’re the monster, a mass of flesh, teeth and tentacles, and you’re hungry. 

Turning the horror game genre on its head, Carrion is a gory delight for you rip and tear your way through.”
You can read the full Carrion review here.
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