Warframe’s Heart of Deimos open world expansion launches this month on all platforms

Digital Extremes has announced the release date for Warframe’s open world expansion Heart of Deimos, and it will release simultaneously for all platforms on August 25th. That means players across PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch will be able to experience a Warframe content update at the same time for the first time. You can check out 30 minutes of gameplay from Heart of Deimos below, which was shown yesterday at TennoCon 2020.


Heart of Deimos adds a new way for Warframe players to explore with Deimos consisting of two major areas. The first is the surface of the smaller Martian moon. The surface has become an Infested hivemind landscape full of creatures that will pose a danger to anyone that ventures across it. The surface is littered with pods from which Infested infected Entrati NPCs emerge along with other Infested creatures. As players explore they will learn more about the Entrati family as well as how the Infested came to be, with the origin of the faction said to be pretty complex.

The surface is not the only location though. Players will be able to descend underground with these tunnels and spaces all being procedurally generated. The vast underground complexes of Deimos contain powerful Necramechs, some of which players can pilot themselves to help survive the terror underground. However, some of the Necramechs will pose a danger to players so be ready for a fight as you explore the places left behind the Entrati. There is also a new Warframe for players to use and that is Xaku, which will be the 44th frame added to the game. K-Drives have also been changed to Infested hoverboards, and players will be able to take a bit of a break from fighting to do a spot of fishing and conservation. Or you could do some Archwing flying and combat.

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