New Microsoft Store revealed & goes into beta testing, hinting at future Xbox UI redesign

Microsoft have revealed their overhauled Microsoft Store for Xbox One and the upcoming Xbox Series X next-gen console, giving us a look at how the Xbox user interface is set to evolve over the coming months and years.

The new Microsoft Store will be coming to Xbox later this year, but is heading into beta testing for some Xbox Insiders from 5th August. The app is designed to be “faster, safer and easier to use”, adopting Microsoft’s new Fluent Design language.


You can see it in action here:

Microsoft state that it will launch from the dashboard in under two seconds, with fast browsing performance that goes alongside that. The navigation has been redesigned so that it’s easier to dive into a category, and the speed will surely be kept up by having video autoplay be optional.

A new Wish List will let you tag and keep tabs of games as they go on offer, and you’ll finally be able to view pricing while browsing across all generations of Xbox console.

The “safer” refers to how the app requires that you be signed into an Xbox account in order to browse. That will, alongside family settings and child accounts, let content be filtered to appropriate age ratings.

However, the biggest points are the increase in speed through the store and how the interface is being overhauled with a view to the next generation. It was revealed back in June that the Xbox Series X will retain the user interface from the Xbox One, however this store redesign is more of an indication that Microsoft are committing to keeping the Xbox One in lockstep with their evolving UI and UX design as we head to the next-gen console. It’s a fascinating path to follow, but runs the risk of Xbox lagging behind on certain concepts that wouldn’t be possible on older hardware.

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