Anti gravity combat racer Pacer will be released in September

R8 Games has announced that the anti-gravity combat racer Pacer will be released on September 17th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. Pacer will include five different craft types that will all be customisable, 14 tracks to race around, and eight game modes including Elimination, Endurance, battle royale inspired ‘Storm’ modes, and a mode called flowmentum. There is also a campaign mode and online multiplayer for up to 10 players per race.


In our preview for Pacer, Dom wrote:

Despite my woefully adequate performance, Pacer looks pretty spectacular in motion, and the tracks take in the various locale types we’ve come to expect, from arid desert plains through to lush jungles. No matter where you are, each track is a warren of twisted metallic routes that leap and plunge through the landscape like a nightmarish version of the M25. Fortunately it’s pretty hard to get lost.

It simply wouldn’t be an anti-grav game without a banging soundtrack, and Pacer is all set to tickle your earholes with thumping tracks from a number of artists including Wipeout and Psygnosis alumni Cold Storage. They immediately set the tone, and once again reinforce the sense that R8 are drawing on the genre’s history while keeping a firm eye on its future.

It’s not as though the anti-grav genre has been entirely defunct without Wipeout at its head, but where Redout, Antigraviator and Fast RMX added their own wrinkles to the future racing formula, it looks as though Pacer is expanding beyond the genre’s boundaries to deliver a racing experience worthy of the 21st Century and beyond.

You can read the full Pacer review here.

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