Genshin Impact PS4 release date has been confirmed

MiHoYo has confirmed the PS4 release date of Genshin Impact, and players will be able to go hands on with the game from September 28th. The free to play action RPG has also been confirmed for iOS, Android, and PC with the release date for those platforms being also being September 28th. However, PS4 players will be getting some exclusive content called the Sword of Descension and Wings of Descension. The Sword will help deal extra damage to enemies while the Wings is a glider that has an exclusive design style. In addition, there is a preorder bundle called the Adventurer’s Starter Bundle which grants some extra resources.


We’ve loved what we’ve seen of the game so far. Miguel went hands on with the game’s closed beta at the start of this July, coming away very impressed with what he saw. He said in our Genshin Impact preview:

“Genshin Impact is the kind of game I’ve been craving for a long time. I obsess over collecting the characters and upgrades in all sorts of free-to-play mobile games, but their insistence on repetitive short-form missions and minimal downtime always burns me out. Genshin Impact steps in a completely opposite direction, providing an immersive and zen world full of natural beauty to explore at your own pace, while also delivering a heaping helping of characters, skill points, missions, equipment and more that is sure to keep me glued to the full game for ages.”

In Genshin Impact players take on the role of The Traveler who washes up on the shores of Teyvat. The main story will be about searching for the character’s sibling but there will be plenty of other quests to experience. There will be over 30 companions to ally with to make up your party of four. Genshin Impact has been confirmed for Switch too but the release window for that is yet to be announced.

Source: PS Blog

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