[UPDATE] Apex Legends was having server issues

UPDATE: It seems the servers are back now!

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Clearly it’s Server Issue Day, Fall Guys has thrown a wonk and now Apex Legends is having troubles. The official Apex Legends account has not mentioned anything but the EA help account has confirmed there are problems.


Season 6 of Apex Legends went live at the end of August, bringing with it a whole new character, major changes to one of the game’s two maps, a fresh twist on the looting gameplay and a load of extra tweaks and bug fixes that were listed in the patch notes, if you want to read them then click here. 

The new character is Ramya ‘Rampart’ Parekh, a British Indian private business owner who brings modded shields and her minigun named Sheila to the Outlands. Her passive ability gives her increased magazine capacity and faster reloads with LMGs and her minigun, and longer overheat times with the L-STAR. Her tactical Amped Cover ability lets her place crouch-cover walls that amp up outgoing shots. Finally, her ultimate is the Emplaced Minigun “Shiela” lets her place a mounted machine gun that anyone can use, with up to 3 miniguns to be deployed at once.

World’s Edge has been updated with the thematic tage over by Hammond Robotics continuing. This has made changes to the Dome, Drill Site and some other points of interest, including the removal of the train that previously ran around the map.

The gameplay will also be shifted by the introduction of crafting. You can find materials at loot bins and material stations, and then take these to a Replicator that give you a choice of eight pieces of loot to craft, so long as you have enough materials. Loot rotates on a weekly or daily basis.

There’s also the new energy-based Volt SMG, changes to the Armour Meta, an increase to the Mozambique magazine size, and plenty more.

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