Minecraft PS4 will get PlayStation VR update this month

Mojang Studios have announced that the PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft will be getting PSVR support later this month.

Although they didn’t specify a date, what we do know is that this PlayStation VR patch will be available to anyone who owns a copy of Minecraft on PS4.


Based on existing tech to adapt Minecraft for VR platforms, developer SkyBox Labs have been optimising the experience for PlayStation VR users and, despite the current pandemic, they say this transition has been relatively smooth.

So, what does Minecraft on PSVR do? Well, according to Mojang, it does exactly what you’d expect, making the “pure full-fat” Minecraft experience fully playable in virtual reality without removing any content or features.

The aim here to dial up that sense of immersion, allowing users to witness their creations as if they were standing there themselves in Minecraft’s blocky sandbox world. Mojang have yet to confirm whether PlayStation Move will be supported though they have confirmed Minecraft VR will come tagged with various comfort settings and adjustments as well as two modes: Immersive and Living Room.

This news comes as part of Sony’s spotlight week for the PlayStation VR. For the next few days, they are teasing new game updates and announcements as well as a sale on major PlayStation VR titles. The sale is due to kick off tomorrow, Wednesday September 9th and will include the following games among others:

Despite having an extensive library of excellent titles, PlayStation VR hasn’t been as prominent in 2020 as Sony might have liked. However, with the upcoming PS5 being backwards compatible with PSVR, it makes sense for them to continue pushing the technology. We’ll hopefully hear more about how the headset and accessories will work with Sony’s next-gen console in the near future.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog

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