DayZ update 1.09 hotfix live on Experimental servers

Bohemia Interactive have pulled the lever on a new DayZ update hotfix following the game’s recent version 1.09 patch.

The developers of the popular sandbox survival game deployed the new update today, but it’s only accessible to those playing on PC via the Experimental servers.


This hotfix comes just a couple of days after Bohemia rolled out 1.09 across all platforms. Interestingly, those die-hard DayZ players who run community servers were asked by the developers to manually fix their user-owned servers.

Here are the patch notes for version 1.09.153402. Although Bohemia has been aiming for parity between PC and console editions of DayZ, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will likely have to wait until update 1.10 before these changes arrive. Anyway, here are the hotfix notes in full:


  • Fixed a crash while loading into the main menu/server (caused by corrupted local cached character data)
  • Fixed a bug, allowing the player to drag full stacks of stones by using the combine area in the inventory
  • Fixed an issue resulting in unmounted but attached barbed wire giving a damage
  • Fixed an issue causing weapons to become stuck when dropped from an unconscious player during reload
  • Fixed a bug preventing pulling dead players from the Olga in certain cases


  • Placement of base building objects was made less restrictive (reducing gaps in between)
  • The Revolver reload should be more responsive now
  • Increased the durability of the IJ-70 pistol

We’ve been following DayZ’s journey since its infant days as an Arma II mod way, way back. Thanks to advent of video game streaming, it quickly soared in popularity and plans were made to grow DayZ into its own standalone title.

Many years later it would arrive on current-gen systems including PS4 and Xbox One. However, when we finally got our hands on the final product we weren’t too pleased, scoring DayZ a miserable 2/10:

DayZ has a rich history, a long lineage of war stories and strange survivor tales that have drawn thousands down its rabbit hole, but its reality is very different. There’s nothing here but a dull, vacuous wasteland, devoid of character and relying solely on players to make their own fun.

The game has since launched its first premium expansion “Livonia” which adds an entirely new map/region to DayZ.

Source: DayZ Forums

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