Spellbreak update adds new Duos Mode

If you’ve been dying to drop into a game of Spellbreak with your sorcerer sidekick then you’re in luck – developer Proletariat Inc have introduced a new duos mode to their arcane spin on the battle royale genre.

Previously spell slingers could either queue in squads of three or alone via the recently added solos mode. As of now you’ll have the option to pair up with another player, though Spellbreak matches are still capped at a max lobby count of 42.


Nic reviewed Spellbreak earlier this week and while he was positive about its magical spin on a saturated genre, he wasn’t particularly keen on the overly chaotic climax of matches though sees plenty of room for the game to become a battle royale mainstay:

Spellbreak holds vast potential and is full of depths to explore, but it’s not quite there yet, despite the 1.0 release. Sure, it’s fun enough to play if you can sit down with two of your friends and bash out a couple hours’ madness, but I forgot what the game was called once I stopped playing. With next to no lore within the game, and with every win or loss feeling the same, there’s just not quite enough to make a lasting impression.

Proletariat Inc have promised “big things” for Spellbreak in the near future. With PAX having been cancelled this year due to COVID-19, the studio have uploaded their PAX Online panel which gives fans and fellow devs a look behind the curtain while also teasing what could be coming to Spellbreak next.

Alongside duos mode, Spellbreak will be getting new outfits with which to spice up your avatar’s in-game appearance. As is common in a lot of battle royale games, we will see Spellbreak’s map gradually morph during future updates – there will also be a 9 versus 9 Clash team battle mode.

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