Here’s DIRT 5 running on Xbox Series S (not Series X)

Codemasters and the DIRT 5 team have been pretty tight with Microsoft over the last few months, and their relationship has continued with what I think might be the first meaningful demo of gameplay running on Xbox Series… S! Not the Xbox Series X, but its lower-powered counterpart.

That means the game is running at 1440p and with a 60fps target, which is exactly what’s shown in the video that’s been uploaded to YouTube.


The event shown is a Pathfinder event, with the Rockbouncer buggy tackling the rocky terrain with ease. It looks pretty good, bearing in mind that it’s a cross-gen game targeting high resolution and frame rate over fancy effects like ray-tracing. The puddles in the game seem to be doing basic screen-space reflections.

DIRT 5 is coming out for Xbox One, PS4 and PC on 6th November, with a Series X and Series S version following on 10th November, and PS5 whenever that comes along. There’s free next-gen upgrades, and a part of that on Xbox is that Smart Delivery will ensure that the game is as optimised as it can be regardless of the console you play on. So the game will target 1440p60 on Series S, but 2160p60 on Series X, and there will be performance modes to drop the resolution and let that frame rate push higher toward 120fps – a performance mode shared with the game on PS5.

The Xbox Series S was confirmed last week after a bunch of leaks spoilt Microsoft’s plans for the reveal. The console is a lower powered companion to the Xbox Series X, with less than a third of the GPU power, but is still able to target 1440p60, comes with a powerful CPU and has an ultra-fast SSD. While geared towards being an Xbox Game Pass machine – since it lacks an optical drive – and having backward compatibility to all previous generations of Xbox, the console won’t run Xbox One games in Xbox One X mode, but will instead drop down to the base level. Even so, it will be able to steady frame rates and dynamic resolutions and implement things like Auto HDR to enhance the image.

It’s a tidy little package, and DIRT 5 shows that it’s still plenty powerful enough at launch to give a meaningfully improved gaming experience.

We recently went hands on with DIRT 5’s innovative Playgrounds mode, where you can create, share and race on custom tracks in a variety of events.

Source: YouTube

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