Overwatch Switch trial will be available from next week for Switch Online members

Nintendo has announced that from October 13th until October 20th Nintendo Switch Online members will have full access to Overwatch: Legendary Edition. That means the full game will be playable allowing members to get a taste of what is on offer, be it for the first time or for players that may have stopped playing the game on other systems. The trial will be available worldwide and can already be preloaded from the Nintendo eShop.


It is a nice bonus to try the game, and may be Blizzard’s way of getting people interested in the game again ahead of Overwatch 2’s released. That was announced a year ago at BlizzCon 2019. Players of the original Overwatch won’t be left behind, with all new maps being folded back to the original game, all of your cosmetics and progression carrying forward, and so on. In fact, Overwatch and Overwatch 2 will be able to play together. They share the same online servers, balance and gameplay, and will be updated in lockstep with maps and characters.

So what’s new in Overwatch 2? Well, quite a lot. Blizzard are greatly expanding the story PvE side of the game, which was previously reserved for limited time events in the original game. There’s a full story mode, the first episode of which takes players to Rio de Janiero, and something called Hero Missions, which are described as “highly replayable co-op”, featuring meaningful character progression and customisable abilities. It was compared too Adventure Mode in Diablo.

All of the existing characters have had a visual overhauls, and there’s a new one called Sojourn as well.

When Dom reviewed Overwatch for Switch, he wrote:

Overwatch on Switch offers the same, fantastically competitive experience that players have been enjoying on other formats for the past few years. While the necessary drop in frame rate is disappointing, it’s clearly helped to maintain the quality elsewhere, and does nothing to diminish Overwatch’s position as one of the best games of all time.
You can read the full review here.
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