All Indivisible production will be halted confirms 505 Games

There have been some major changes at Lab Zero Games, developers of Indivisible, over the past few months. It all really began when studio head Mike Zaimont was accused of making sexist and racist comments, as well as creating an unsafe work environment. Originally, Mike said he would step down as the studio head but eventually decided against that. That led to a lot of people quitting Lab Zero Games in protest. Then, last month it appeared Mike fired everyone else at Lab Zero effectively making him the only employee of the company. This in turn has affected development of Indivisible, and now publisher 505 Games has weighed in saying there will be no further work don on the game.

In light of the recent restructuring and dissolution of Lab Zero, 505 Games would like to clarify what this means for the future of Indivisible.
At this stage, apart from content that is already in submission, there will unfortunately be no more production on the game. We understand that longtime players have been waiting for Guest Characters as well as some Backer created characters. Regretfully, this additional content will not be added to the game. There is an update for Nintendo Switch that is already in submission. It will add Razmi’s Challenges, New Game+ and Couch Co-Op to the Nintendo Switch. That update will bring all platforms to the same level of development and offer a complete game experience to all current and future players. This is expected to release later this month starting on October 13th and rolling out to other regions afterwards.


Indivisible is a game of diversity, inclusion, friendship and evolution. 505 Games worked with the talented and creative people at Lab Zero for many years to bring Indivisible to life. We are proud of the game that was created and are happy that it has received the positive response that it deserves. We are sorry the journey has ended this way. We wish to thank all the Indivisible players, new and old, who have supported the game. From the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate you

505 Games

In a further FAQ, 505 stated that backers who paid for the Ajna statue will still get them. These statues will enter production soon and 505 Games will provide information on when they will go out. Indivisible will not be removed from any storefronts so will be available both digitally and physically. The North American Switch physical release will happen in November but those who have pre-ordered should double check if the stores will be able to fulfil those orders. Any digital backer codes from IndieGoGo are the responsibility of Lab Zero Games, and it is very unlikely players will receive those due to the studio’s situation.

Source: 505 Games

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