Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ver. 9.0.1 patch release date confirmed

Nintendo have revealed when the next major patch for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be available for Nintendo Switch players.

The Ver. 9.0.1 patch now has a release date set for tomorrow, Nintendo confirmed earlier today. However, they have not specified an exact time for when this latest update will go live.


So far, we have no concrete information as to what’s being included in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ver. 9.0.1. The only details we have is that it will feature various “fighter adjustments”. These character roster changes mean that replay data will be incompatible following the update – Nintendo posted a tweet detailing how to convert existing replays.

Naturally, Smash Bros. fans want to know exactly when the recently announced Minecraft DLC will be making its way to the popular Nintendo fighter.

Having been rumoured long before the game’s announcement, the upcoming pack will see Minecraft’s Steve make his debut alongside other familiar faces from the world-beating sandbox series.

Steve and his chums might initially seem to be an incredibly jarring inclusion, but it’s hardly the first time that Super Smash Bros. has included characters from quite a few steps outside Nintendo’s pantheon of characters. Sonic was one of the highest profile crossover characters, busting down the traditional walls of the Sega-Nintendo rivalry, but there’s also been Snake from Metal Gear Solid, and the thoroughly saucy Bayonetta (partly because Nintendo now funds and publishes the series). Still, Minecraft characters just stand out from the crowd.

Nintendo revealed earlier this year that it would be extending its support for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with a second fighter pass string of 6 bonus fighters. With Min Min from ARMS having been added to the roster this summer, and now Steve, four more characters will follow within the next year.

Source: Twitter (@NintendoofEurope) 

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