The VR3000 is the first gaming headset from Japanese audio specialist final

We love a good gaming headset here on TheSixthAxis – by ‘we’ I mainly mean me and my continuing attempts to make my tinnitus find new and exciting tones to fill my ears with – and just in time for Christmas we’ve had word that Japanese audio specialist final are set to unleash their first gaming headphones onto the public in the shape of the VR3000.

final have been in the audio business for over 50 years, and throughout that time they’ve continued to innovate in the space, continually pushing cutting edge technology and design out to an appreciative audience.


The VR3000 is final’s first pair of earphones created specifically with gamers in mind. Taking the form of an in-ear monitor they’re designed to be small and extremely lightweight so you can listen and play for hours without any of the regular signs of fatigue that over or on-ear sets might cause.

They’ve been designed to deliver headphone-like spacial sound with pinpoint accuracy and clarity, while the in-ear design allows for improved mobility and device compatibility when you compare them to some of the unwieldy, power-hungry sets you find out there.

The VR3000 connects via 3.5mm jack, meaning they’re compatible with nearly everything from your Oculus Quest 2, PS5 and Xbox Series X thought to your trusty old Nintendo Switch. They’re built from sturdy ABS, and feature an in-line mic and a 3 button controller, while boasting an impedance of 18 ohm and a sensitivity of 101dB.

final have aimed for a design that manages to deliver deep resounding bass as well as top end detail, which they’ve aimed to achieve through their own in-house designed 6mm dynamic driver. It certainly sounds like they’ve put a lot of thought into the design and we can’t wait to put them through their paces.

The VR3000 will retail for £69.99/$79.99 and releases on the 10th of December 2020.

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