For Honor Gryphon Guide: Moves, Feats, Combos, Tactics

Learn to master For Honor's new hero.

Joining the ranks in For Honor Year 4 Season is a new fighter: Gryphon. This battle-scarred veteran makes a strong addition to the game’s existing hero roster while also being a viable choice for both For Honor newcomers and those lapsed fans looking to shake off some rust.

You can read more on Gryphon in our Year 4 Season 4 Mayhem preview, but here’s what you need to know. Gryphon is a commander-turned-mercenary who crops up several times during the For Honor singleplayer campaign. He’s now part of the Chimera Rebellion against the Order of Horkos though this won’t matter to those who aren’t really plugged into the game’s lore.

What you need to know is that Gryphon is an easy-tier hybrid fighter with great support capabilities. He’s got a pretty versatile moveset though you can get away with locking down a few reliable combos before gradually experimenting as you get to grips with this new character.

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Like most heroes in For Honor, Gryphon has his own unique mechanic. This aged warrior has access to “Veteran moves” which basically means that his chain finishers will be uninterruptible or undodgeable, depending on whether you finish with a heavy or light attack respectively.

So, in order to get the most out of Gryphon you’ll want to aim towards triggering Veteran moves. The simplest way of doing this is by landing a three-hit combo though you can substitute those first two hits with a dodge attack, leading straight into a Veteran move/finisher.

Gryphon can also use his shove to begin an attack chain as well as perform the Veteran’s Kick – this can worked into a combo after the second hit, booting your opponent backwards and lining them up for devastating finisher.

As a starting point, you should try the following chain: two light attacks in the same direction (the second will always hit if the first is successful), then Veteran’s Kick, followed by a light or heavy finisher depending on the situation. Opting for a heavy finisher then feinting before starting the chain over is a great way to apply pressure.

Let’s move onto Gryphon’s Feats. In For Honor, these abilities can be slotted into a loadout for various active and passive bonuses.

For Honor Gryphon Feats

Feat Name Type Slot Description
Stern Stare Active Slot 1 Lower an enemy’s Attack
Draconite Mist Active Slot 2 Heal yourself and nearby allies
Draconite Bolt Active Slot 3 Fire a bolt that deals some damage to an enemy and heals nearby allies
Draconite Cleanser Active Slot 4 Throw a projectile that deals some damage to enemies upon explosion, then heals you and your nearby allies
Speed Revive Passive Slot 1 Rapidly revive fallen teammates
Flesh Wound Passive Slot 2 Gain moderate Damage reduction every 3 seconds
Tough as Nails Passive Slot 3 Raises max Health when unlocked
Champion’s Aura Active Slot 4 Gain an aura which heals you and nearby allies
Fast Recovery Passive Slot 1 Stamina regenerates faster
Winner’s Advantage Passive Slot 2 Gain a temporary attack buff after a successful attack
Fury Active Slot 3 Raise sprint speed slightly, attack and defence greatly
Arrow Storm Active Slot 4 Aerial Attack that deals medium Damage in multiple areas


When slotting Feats you need to consider the game mode you’re dropping into as well as your own individual playstyle.

Most of Gryphon’s best Feats are geared towards team fights and supporting your allies though you can equip a handful of helpful passive bonuses to amp up his raw stats, too.

In team modes, take Speed Revive in your first slot if you’re in a squad with strong communication, otherwise take Fast Recovery to help with stamina management. While you’re at it, slot each of Gryphon’s Draconite Feats as well. Mist, Bolt, and Cleanser all have healing properties that can give you and your nearby allies a small injection of health. However, if you’re playing on larger maps in which big team fights are rare then you may want to opt for Gryphon’s passive Feats instead.

Ultimately, you’ll want to play to Gryphon’s strengths as a support class hero though as with every For Honor fighter, no one is locked into a pre-determined combat role.

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