Genshin Impact update 1.2 will add new area of Dragonspine, out December 23rd

miHoYo has announced that Genshin Impact’s update 1.2 is called ‘The Chalk Prince and The Dragon’, with this new update adding the area of Dragonspine. Dragonspine is the first brand new area that is being added to Genshin Impact. As you may guess from the name this new area is mountainous that is south of Mondstadt, and it is always cold. As well as battling enemies in Dragonspine players will have to learn to keep warm in both combat and exploration. This will be measured by the new Sheer Cold bar. Dragonspine will be available from December 23rd.


Dragonspine contains the ruins of a lost civilisation, and brand new enemy types to contend with. Along with the new area two new five star characters will be available. Those are Ganyu and Albedo. Albedo will be one of the main characters in the ‘The Chalk Prince and The Dragon’ questline. Their aim is to find a legendary sword called the Festering Desire. Albedo is an alchemist who uses a sword and can wield geo power. Ganyu is a cyro archer and there is a sub quest to explore Ganyu’s background too. In our review for Genshin Impact, Miquel wrote:

Genshin Impact needs to be played to be believed. This is an addictive open-world adventure with gorgeous art and unique combat…and it’s free! The character designs are sharp and beautiful, while the pastel-style world itself is full of jaw-dropping colour and natural vistas…and it’s free! Sure, there’s the admittedly stingy gacha system, but if you just want an immersive and peaceful world to climb and fly around in for hours, then Genshin Impact is for you.
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