For Honor Frost Wind Parade Christmas event live

Ubisoft Montreal are beckoning warriors far and wide to come and join in some festive frolicking. Hot on the heels of For Honor’s Year 4 Season 4 update, players can now take part in the time limited “Frost Wind Parade” Christmas event.


From now until January 7th, For Honor players have access to a winter themed game mode dubbed “Ice Brawlers”. Unlike your convention head-on duels, these take place upon the frozen wastes of Valkenheim where your footing is just as important as your blocks, parries, and combos. The sheet of ice you battle on will have chunk break off and sink into the water, making these clashes all the more tense.

During this time, all players have a chance to scavenge festive loot for their heroes after each match played. If you swing by the in-game store then you can also browse plenty of skins and other cosmetics, including a comical candy cane execution.

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Another fun feature is the removal of all rank and file NPCs from Breach and Dominion. Instead of battling against Knights, Vikings, and Samurai you’ll hack and slash hordes of elves and snowmen.

Earlier this month, Ubisoft launched their Y4S4 For Honor update dubbed “Mayhem”. Headlining the latest season is new hero, Gryphon, a haggard mercenary who carries a deadly bardiche axe into battle. Of course, Ubisoft have been rolling out fixes and changes elsewhere throughout the game.

Currently, four heroes have entered the “Testing Grounds” including the Nobushi, Warden, Peacekeeper, and Shugoki. What this means is that they’ve been reworked to help balance the For Honor meta though feedback from the player community will determine whether these changes will stay.

Going into 2021, we have no solid confirmation as to what Ubisoft have planned for their flagship fighting game. It’s likely that we’ll get a For Honor Year 5 though this will likely be focused on hero reworks as opposed to adding more content but we’ll have to wait and see.

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