Our Most Wanted Games of 2021 – 35 to 31

With fifteen entries down, we’re blitzing through our top 50 most wanted games of 2021 – a comprehensive list of hot upcoming titles set to launch over the next twelve months.

Here’s what we’ve covered so far:

35. Ghostwire: Tokyo

This newest game from Japanese developer Tango Gameworks sees the studio steering in a new direction after two bloody back-to-back survival horror games with The Evil Within and The Evil Within II.


The citizens of Tokyo have seemingly vanished in a cataclysmic event, the city now overrun with ghostly beings known as Visitors. Ghostwire Tokyo plays out in first person as you go in search of answers, chasing a mysterious cult-like group while throwing down against paranormal entities using a mix of magic and karate.

There’s a lot more of Ghostwire we’ve yet to see though Tango’s latest game seems to slot in nicely among Bethesda’s recent line-up and definitely has an Arkane look to it. Despite Microsoft buying Bethesda earlier this year, Ghostwire Tokyo will still launch as a PlayStation 5 console exclusive in 2021 and has also been confirmed for PC.

34. Cris Tales

Coming to all platforms in early 2021, Cris Tales promises an unforgettable adventure for fans of traditional JRPs, developer Dreams Uncorpored directly mentioning Person 5, Chrono Trigger, Valkyrie Profile, and Final Fantasy VI (the best one).

Cris Tales rocks an eye-catching, handcrafted similar to The Banner Saga though a lot more playful and cartoonish. What sets it apart is a story that has the past, present, and future seamlessly mesh together as you and your party of heroes seek to thwart The Empress in her plot to destroy the world.

33. The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

In the same way that last year’s Man of Medan dropped a teaser for Little Hope, the second instalment in Supermassive’s ambitious horror anthology series gave us a look at what comes next – House of Ashes.

We probably won’t see The Dark Pictures Anthology volume 3 until next Halloween, but that won’t stop us from getting excited. With each instalment we see Supermassive (who also created the fantastic Until Dawn) dabble in different genres of horror, House of Ashes is perhaps being the least conventional as we see soldiers stumble upon an ancient evil in what appears to be a Middle Eastern warzone.

32. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

I have to say, I’m reluctantly intrigued to see what EA and BioWare having planned for Mass Effect. Although I disagree with the zealot fans who campaigned for Mass Effect 3’s ending to be completely redone, seeing how the trilogy wrapped up after dozens of hours left me feeling alienated to the point that I didn’t want to explore that universe any longer. Mass Effect: Andromeda was decent yet did little to rekindle my love for the franchise.

With Mass Effect 4 on the cards, this seems like an ideal time to get fans back on board with a remaster of the original trilogy. We’ve yet to see a single screenshot from this upcoming collection, but the announcement alone was enough for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition to rocket onto our list.

31. NEO: The World Ends with You

An unlikely sequel yet one that a hardcore cult of JRPG fans have been lobbying for tirelessly. The World Ends with You didn’t exactly set the world on fire back when it launched in 2007 though it’s unique battle system, modern setting, and art direction of zip-loving Tetsuya Nomura helped it rank among the best games to play on Nintendo DS.

In recent years we’ve seen Square Enix revisit a number of its games, The World Ends with You: Final Mix being released for the Nintendo Switch. Now, after an eternity of teasing, they’ll be delivering a full-on sequel next summer with a PlayStation 4 version also planned.

That’s all for today’s set of five, and there’ll be a little break for Christmas before our next. See you on the other side!

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