Fortnite adds a Dua Lipa dance, here’s how to get it

Although still immensely popular to many people it does seem to others that Fortnite is now more a marketing and promotional tool rather than a game, featuring endless tie ins with other games, movies, and music.

The latest emote added to the game features Dua Lipa’s hit song ‘Don’t Start Now’ with dance moves which were popularised by TikTok user thexhan.


However, just for a change Epic have got permission to use an iconic dance within the game, and have talked to both Dua and thexhan. The emote is available for 500 V-Bucks directly from the Item Shop, and presumably the two creators will be taking a cut of those bucks.

Epic recently rolled out PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of the game that includes a 120fps mode that applies to both Battle Royale and Creative modes of the game – you can find the toggle in the Fortnite Video settings. It’s not clear what resolution and video settings playing at 120fps will result in, but expect a fair few sacrifices to be made to get there.

Epic have also further optimised the game on Xbox Series S, so that the standard 60fps mode now has a maximum resolution of 1200p, up from 1080p. That should add a touch of added clarity to the game on the lighter new generation console.

Meanwhile, over on PC, Epic have released a Performance Mode update that enables the game to run on older PC specs than before. It’s an in-game setting that quite simply trades visual quality for lower memory usage and a lighter load on the CPU and GPU. It’s intended to lower the bottom end specs, but also to help smooth frame rates for those that are struggling.

The download can also be reduces, with the ability to opt out of high-resolution textures through the Epic Games Launcher installation options page. This will slash 14GB from the game’s size, dropping it to as little as 17GB when also ditching the Save the World mode and unnecessary language packs.

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