The Medium gameplay revealed in 14-minute video

Bloober Team have dropped a lengthy 14-minute gameplay video for The Medium, their upcoming Xbox Series X|S and PC game. Watch it here:


Out on 28th January, The Medium is the latest horror game from the studio, though one that explores horror in a very different fashion to the likes of Observer, Blair Witch and Layers of Fear.

The Medium stars Marianne, a character who can explore both the real and the spirit world through the game, doing so either by seamlessly switching back and forth, or by viewing both realities in split-screen (which can also be used to dynamically frame cutscenes). It’s this that seems to make the game demand a new generation console like the Xbox Series X|S or a decently powerful PC.

Marianne has to solve puzzles by switching realities, and then use her psychic abilites to overcome the dangers she encounters, such as the protective Spirit Shield and the more potent Spirit Blast.

She’ll be investigating a mystery at the Niwa resort, before being led to an old fort, which is showcased for the first time in the new video. In the spirit world, she’ll be able to see The Maw, the main antagonist who is voiced by the ever-present Troy Baker. The Maw can spot Marianne in the spirit world, forcing her to defend herself. Jumping back to the real world might not help, because while it means The Maw can’t see her, it can still hear Marianne and hunt her down.

The Medium is out for Xbox Series X|S and PC via Epic Games Store on 28th January.

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