Outriders delayed to 1st April, but a free demo will preview the game in February

Square Enix and People Can Fly have delayed the release of their upcoming RPG shooter Outriders by two months, pushing it back to 1st April. Delaying a video game is no laughing matter, but was necessary in this case to continue to polish and fine tune the game.

To make up for the delay, there will now be a demo released on 25th February, letting people sample the first few hours of the game and try out all of the character classes. The demo will feature both single player and co-op play, but will also allow you to migrate your initial progress and characters through to the full game upon its release.


People Can Fly explained in their Twitter statement:

We believe it’s important that players get to experience a new IP like Outriders beforerelease, so that you can decide for yourselves whether the game is something you wish to pre-order, purchase and play.

For this reason we’re excited to announce that on February 25th 2021 we will be publishing a free demo, giving everyone the chance to play the first few hours with all four classes – in both single player and co-op – along with seamless migration of your character and progress to the full game.

Speaking of which, we have decided to move the release date of Outriders to April 1st 2021 (no joke!). We will spend this extra time fine tuning the game and focusing on delivering a fantastic play experience at launch.

Thanks for hanging tight a little longer – we appreciate your patience!

Outside of Early Access and multiplayer betas, demos are rather uncommon for major games these days, requiring additional development time and approval to shuffle the resources around in order to get a polished sample for users to try.

There is a co-op side to Outriders, though this is not a live service title and can stand alone as a single player or co-op adventure. It feels like the game might be flying a little under the radar, despite having some intriguing action-heavy third person RPG shooting, and a good, compelling demo could be just the thing to get the hype train up to speed.

Having originally been planned for a late 2020 release, Outriders will now be coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, PC on 1st April, with Stadia following later this year. It will be a cross-gen release on console with free upgrades, and full cross-platform multiplayer so all players on all platforms can team up and play together.

Source: Twitter

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