Google announces Stadia State Share which will allow players to share playable captures

Sharing videos and screenshots has become a major part of gaming. People like to share what they have done in games and show interesting moments. It seems that Google is set to evolve sharing features with the announcement of Stadia State Share. With State Share players will not just share pictures and clips as normal. Instead, these shares will offer playable slices of games. It is different to something like the PlayStation’s Share Play where a host player has to invite other players to join their game to have a go. Catherine Hsiao, a Product Manager at Stadia, explains further.

“State Share allows players to capture a unique game state – a playable slice of the game itself – to share with friends within a link to the gameplay screenshot or video clip. Every game that supports State Share will feature game states with different gameplay elements included, such as the player’s current items, difficulty level, objectives, and more. So it’s really as easy as saving a capture on Stadia and sharing the link with friends, viewers, or followers so they can click to launch the game and play for themselves.”


The feature will first be coming to the Hitman World of Assassination trilogy. With State Share players will be able to share moments from any campaign or custom mission using the sharing player’s loadout. Playing a State Share slice of a game will not affect the progression of your own saved states. This allows players to try out different playstyles and gear that may they may not have unlocked in their own games. What has not been confirmed is whether players will need to own the game before being able to play a State Share. State Share will be available for other developers to use but how and which developers will use it is yet to be confirmed. Stadia Share will launch on January 20th, at the same time as the launch of Hitman World of Assassination trilogy.

Source: Stadia Blog

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