Nioh 2 update 1.23 unsheathes more bug fixes, weapon changes

With its first anniversary fast approaching, Nioh 2 is still very much in the spotlight. Not only did we see the recently launch of its third meaty DLC expansion, The First Samurai, Nioh fans are also gearing up for the release of The Nioh Collection on PS5 next month.


If the title wasn’t a dead giveaway, this big ol’ bundle packages together both the original Nioh and Nioh 2 with all of their bonus/season pass content. On top of that, the pair of “soulslike” RPGs have been enhanced for Sony’s new console, the PS5 showcasing Nioh and its sequel in 4K and up to 120 FPS.

Meanwhile developer Team Ninja continue to tweak Nioh 2, having just rolled out update 1.23. This new patch comes with a few small nuggets of content thought the primary focus is on more weapon adjustments as well as a fresh wave of bug fixes. Full details below.

Nioh 2 Update 1.23 Patch Notes

Additional elements

    • Added 6th and subsequent layers to “Naraku Jigoku / Deep”
    • Add a new picture scroll
    • Added a copy of “Old Woman Tengu”
      * If you clear a certain mission in “Taichi Samurai Secret History”, it will appear in “Trading” of “Hidden Tea Room”.
      * You can play “Taichi Samurai Secret History” by purchasing the additional content “Taichi Samurai Secret History” or “Nioh 2 Season Pass”.


  •  Weapon adjustment
    • Adjusted the motion speed and the amount of advance for the fast attack on the upper stage of the “sword”.
    • Adjusted the knockback of the “Dark Shadow Sword” so that the sword martial art “Dark Shadow Rougetsu” can be easily hit.
    • Adjusted the homing of the slashing attack of the sword martial art “Kagerotsuki” upward.
    • Adjusted the occurrence of slashing attacks and homing of the sword martial art “Exquisite Sword” upward.
    • Slightly speed up the operation of the sword martial art “Yaksha Ichimonji” at the maximum accumulation
    [Two swords]
    • Adjusted the attack occurrence and advance distance of the dual wield martial art “Ryu / Human” upward


    • Adjusted to make it easier to hit the spear martial arts “Windmill” and “Windmill 2” in succession, and to reduce the amount that drops when hitting an enemy.
    • Added hits when swinging a spear with the spear martial art “Kayabuki”, and adjusted the damage by the amount of increased hits.
    • Adjusted so that you can remnant with the spear martial arts “Kayabuki” and “Asuka”


    • Adjusted the rush speed of the ax martial art “Iwahammer” upward to shorten the timing of being able to remnant and recovering from rigidity.
    • Ax martial art “Todoroki” can be remnant, and the timing to recover from rigidity is shortened
    • Shortened the timing of recovery from rigidity of the ax martial arts “Kongo”, “Ki”, ​​and “Burning Fire”.
    • Adjusted the power damage of the Kusarigama martial art “Retreat” upward, shortening the timing to recover from rigidity
    • Adjusted the homing of the slamming attack of the Kusarigama martial art “Rantenryu” upward.
    • Adjusted the forward distance of the Odachi martial art “Ura Hammer” upward
    • Adjusted the attack occurrence and homing of the club martial art “Kuren” upward, shortening the timing to be able to remnant and recover from rigidity
    • Slightly speed up the attack movement of the martial arts “Sweep”
    • Adjusted the homing of the martial arts “Tenjo Ren” and the strong attack in the upper row.
    • Adjusted the homing of the hatchet martial art “Bantaka” upward to shorten the timing to recover from rigidity.
    • Changed the hatchet martial art “Miyama Crossing” so that you can retire when energy is consumed.
    [Naginata Kama]
    • Shortened the timing to recover from the rigidity of Naginata Kama martial arts “Gekinami Blade” and some normal attacks in the lower row
    • Naginata Kama martial arts “Flash blade” and “Ground blade” can be remnant, and the timing to recover from rigidity is shortened.
    • Adjusted to make it easier to hit the Naginata Kama martial art “Void Leg”
    • In Naginata Kama martial art “Random Cutting Wheel”, enable the back hit of the returning part and adjust the damage downward (total damage including the back bonus increases)
    • Adjusted the forward distance of the back martial art “Shinkage Leg” upward
    • Adjusted the homing of the back martial art “Wolf Hand” upward
    [Preparation club]
    • Adjusted the martial arts martial arts “Ryuhatsu” to make it easier to get out of the strong attacks in the middle row.
  • Player adjustments
    • Adjusted the amount of magical power added and the amount of attribute accumulation for some attacks of the “prepared club” downward.
    • Adjusted the amount of magical power added for all attacks with “axe”, “dual wield”, “kusarigama”, “hatchet”, and “bare hand”.
    • Increased the consumption magic power of the youkai technique “Ox-Head Demon”
  • Adjustments about the enemy
    • Extending the rigidity of some attacks of “Kukai”
    • Partially limited the timing of energy recovery of “Kukai” and adjusted so that the energy damage in a difficult situation becomes large
    • Increased the rigidity of some attacks of “Itsumade” and adjusted the ones with excessive attack judgment appropriately
    • Adjusted so that when you hit the down state of “Itsumade”, you will not be hurt.
    • Adjusted so that the stagger when returning the big skill of “Itsumade” as a special skill becomes longer
    • Adjusted so that the power damage when destroying the weak point of “Itsumade” becomes large
    • Adjusted to increase the energy after the difficulty level “Shura no Yumeji” for “Dream Demon”
    • Adjusted the big skill to summon the guardian spirit of “Shibata Katsuie” so that it will be easier to return with “special skill”
    • Adjusted to mitigate the power damage of the flame ruts created by “Rindo” and “Kasha” on the ground.
    • Adjusted the effect of absorbing the physical strength of “Ichidoku” so that it does not absorb more than the remaining physical strength of the player
  • Adjustments regarding the abyss
    • For the “abyss prison,” “equinox” If you worshiped “Jizo Kodama” the 1 or more, the changes to the route that can be moved to the “hell” is also added to the starting point
      in the “abyss prison-deep”, first Changed to add a route that can move to “Hell” at the start from.
    • When moving from “Higan” to “Hell” in “Naraku Jigoku”, if the guardian spirit is lost, it will not be automatically called “Recall”, and even after transitioning to “Hell”, Amrita etc. will be used with “Invited Candle” Changed to be able to collect
    • Adjusted the drop + value in the higher hierarchy of “Naraku Jigoku” upward.
    • When playing “Marebito” with “Marebito”, the number of lapis lazuli in the Netherworld to drop is adjusted to increase according to the progress of your hierarchy.
    • Adjusted so that the attack frequency of “Abe no Seimei” that appears in “Invitation of supporters” of “Naraku Jigoku” is high.
  • Adjustments regarding predicament
    • Changed to lower the upper limit of health recovery when receiving damage while using the ninjutsu “Death Life Maru”
    • Adjusted downward so that the amount of decrease in the “Amulet” effect time when receiving damage while using the Ninjutsu “Death Life Maru” is large.
    • Added various skills that can be activated when the physical strength is 30% or less to “Sword skill”, “Odachi skill”, and “Two sword skill”.
  • Adjustments related to surgery
    • Adjusted the amount of magical power added downward when the special effect of the magical power addition system is activated by hitting the onmyodo “fire mark”, “water mark”, and “lightning mark”.
    • Adjusted the cost of preparing the 3rd level of the Yin-Yang technique “Fire Mark”, “Water Mark”, and “Lightning Mark”.
    • Ninjutsu “Kasha Swordsmanship” has been reduced and adjusted
    • Added some attacks that can be reflected by “Repulsion”
  • Adjustments for special effects
    • Reduced the count reduction amount when receiving damage from 2 to 1 for the advantageous effect obtained with the special effect “Iwagashi”.
    • Fixed a bug where damage was increased even for enemies who were not exhausted by the special effect “Skillful packing”, and adjusted the melee attack damage to enemies who were exhausted upward.
    • Adjusted the effect size of the following alignment effects upwards
      , Futsunushi’s grace
      , Takemikazuchi
      ‘s grace
      , Kagutsuchi’s grace
      , Omoikane’s grace, Omoikane’s grace
    • Fixed a bug where the special effects “attack power” and “defense power” of the soul charge were doubled, and adjusted the value to about double.
    • Reduced the amount of decrease in energy recovery speed for the special effect “Guide to Tendou” given to picture scrolls.
  • Other adjustments
    • Increased the upper limit of weapon proficiency * After reaching “Nio’s Dream Road”
    • Adjusted to reflect the progress of “Naraku Jail” regarding the strength of enemies in “Training Ground”
    • Changed to start with melee weapon 1 selected for training missions with fixed equipment.
    • When reassigning the value of “Correction LV” in “Ability Flowering”, the required amount of Amrita is relaxed and adjusted.
    • Adjusted so that you will not be paralyzed for a certain period of time when you release the paralysis with “Goma Ash”
    • Adjusted the increase probability of the + value of small items deposited with “Stone of Difficulty” upward, and also adjusted the amount of increase when the + value of small items is low with “Stone of Difficulty, Nioh”.
    • Added “Type Order” to the list order of “Sale” and “Disassembly” of “Blacksmith”

Bug fixes

    • Fixed a bug where youkai might not be hit by “Kumikai” when youkai were exhausted with certain martial arts.
    • Fixed a bug that the enemy’s “difficulty” may not be canceled for martial arts derived from a specific lack of energy.
    • Fixed a bug where the ax martial art “Todoroki” would cause the “Iwagashi” count to accumulate even if it was not guarded.
    • Fixed a bug that the “Martial Arts Customization Skill” of “Asuka” was not reflected in the spear martial art “Kayabuki”.
    • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t interrupt with a feat during guard motion when equipped with “Naginata Kama”
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes you could not avoid in the intended direction in the second avoidance when avoiding continuously with the lower stance of “Hatchet”
    • Fixed a bug where evasive attacks could not be issued with “Hatchet”
    • Fixed a bug that “Free to separate” may not be activated when an enemy’s attack is received immediately before with the training club martial art “Small stop”.
    • Fixed a bug that the attack may not occur when entering an attack after an evasive attack with “Sword” or “Tonfa”
    • Fixed a bug that the setting of the martial arts customization of the previous stance may be inherited when the same martial art of “back of hand” is activated continuously with different stances.
    • Fixed a bug that damages even if you move away from the enemy after using the monster technique “Ox-Head Run”
    • Fixed a bug where the counts for “Iwagashi” and “Dancing” could decrease when fighting a specific enemy, even though they weren’t damaged.
    • Fixed a bug that level sync is not applied to clear rewards when clearing missions with level sync applied.
    • Fixed a bug where Amrita would be lost if he died immediately after selecting “Proceed to Hell” in “Naraku Jigoku”.
    • Fixed a bug that enemies would detect when worshiping at a company on a specific equinoctial week in “Naraku Jigoku”.
    • Fixed a bug that the current values ​​of “Physical Strength” and “Your Power” may decrease when calling “Battle Preparation” while worshiping at “Sha”.
    • Fixed a bug that the special effect “Addition of magical power when enemies are chaotic” may not be activated under certain conditions.
    • Fixed a bug that “Magic Advance Borrowing” is canceled when “Transformation Technique” is activated.
    • Fixed a bug that + disappears when depositing small items with “+ alignment effect” when selecting a difficulty level other than “Nio’s Dream Road” in “Stone of Difficulty”.
    • Fixed a bug where “Consumable Items” could be replenished from the warehouse when performing “Battle” during a mission.
    • Fixed a bug that could not be ported to special effects with inheritance when “Soul Matching” of “Blacksmith”
    • Fixed a bug where the number of souls possessed would continue to be displayed on the screen even after the life was lost and the souls were lost.
    • Fixed a bug that the play record “Number of layers that advanced through Naraku Jigoku in one challenge” is not counted correctly when the game ends in the middle.

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