The Division 2 4K 60fps PS5 & Xbox Series X upgrade arrives next week

The Division 2’s next-gen upgrade is coming next week in Title Update 12.1, bringing 4K and 60fps graphics to the game when played on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X from Tuesday 2nd February.

The news comes from Ubisoft Community Developer Johan, replying to a query about a new State of the Game blog post:


TU 12.1 is otherwise a relatively focussed update, with the only other elements being a rebalance of the Optimization Station costs and the start of the Resident Evil 25th Anniversary crossover event. Full patch notes will be released on Monday, just ahead of TU 12.1’s release.

The Division 2 X Resident Evil event will run until 15th February. It’s largely focussed on cosmetics instead of a barmy gameplay event, but you’ll be able to collect iconic Resident Evil outfits, weapon skins and more as you play. In fact, you can snag a Leon Kennedy RPG outfit just by logging in.

Next-gen support was confirmed back in December, with Ubisoft having committed to similar updates for other live games, For Honor and Rainbow Six Siege. Even without the update, The Division 2 has been able to benefit greatly from the improved loading times granted by the PS5 and Xbox Series X SSDs, letting players rapidly hop around Washington D.C. and New York City. Playing at 60fps will be a welcome boost to game performance, even if a cover shooter like The Division is well suited to 30fps play.

There’s been some decent content updates to the game in the last year or so. In September, Ubisoft added a new PvE mode called The Summit, which tasked you and your team with battling through a 100-story skyscraper, while Season 4 kicked off with Title Update 12 in December, making tweaks to The Summit and its challenges, and reintroducing the Optimization Station.

What’s less clear is what the future holds for the game. Massive Entertainment are working on two further franchises, both licensed games for the Avatar and Star Wars universes, and it’s not clear who will really be taking charge of the game and the series’ future. Even in the shorter term, will there be a new expansion to kick off the year and introduce a new story arc, similar to Warlords of New York?

For now we’ll just have to wait and see.

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